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A guide to long-distance relationships

A guide to long-distance relationships

In this article we’ll give you some tips to make your long-distance relationship work.

Things to help long distance relationships

  • 1. First of all, it is important to discuss the expectations of each partner. If one sees LDR as a perspective for marriage and the other thinks it is just a funny game, disappointment is inevitable. It is necessary to discuss how often you will contact each other and which tools you will use. It is also important to agree on the openness of your LDR and what will be considered a betrayal.
  • 2. Secondly, it is essential to settle how often you meet, where these meetings will take place, and who will bear the cost of organizing them.
  • 3. If you clarify all these issues in advance, you will be protected from quarrels and mutual claims in the future.

Ways to make a long-distance relationships work

  • Send everyday greetings to each other. The good morning and good night wishes will lift your partner’s spirits. Long-distance relationships need to be emotionally nourished.
  • Choose a time period convenient for both of you for the required phone calls. You can make phone calls on other days too, but this ritual call will guarantee the stability of the relationship.
  • Set up romantic dates. You may order or cook the same dishes, dress up, turn on your favourite music, and light candles.
  • Make each other some cute surprises: send flowers, postcards, or presents.
  • Tell your partner about all events, even minor ones. Tell him/her about how you spent your day. Show your interest in what’s going on in your partner’s life, ask about his/her mood and health. Send each other photos and videos of different moments in your life. This will make your relationships more sincere and intimate.
  • Don’t control your darling. In far-distance relationships, you may have different feelings and emotions, but don’t panic if there’s no answer to your message for about 30 minutes. Your partner may be busy or tired, and it may be inconvenient for him/her to use the gadget. Don’t forget about the borders and respect everyone's right to privacy.
  • Don't dwell on thoughts about your partner; live your ordinary life, meet with your friends. The richer your day will be, the more topics you’ll have to discuss online while far away from each other.

Managing long-distance relationships

According to statistics in half a year the, LDR begin to fade. To prevent this, it is necessary to meet. Even three days but every two months will be better than one-month vacations but once in a year.

Try to organize your datings in places easy to get to for both of you. It is important to plan all the details in order to enjoy every minute spent together.

You may exchange some belongings when going back home. It will be nice to touch an object that keeps the smell of your loved one and the warmth of his/her hands when you're apart.

The ways to make your long-distance relationships fun

  • ✅ Prepare a big plate of popcorn, choose a film and laugh together at a comedy or feel sad when watching a melodrama.
  • ✅ Create a shared document and write a humorous story together.
  • ✅ Conduct a master class on how to cook a national dish.
  • ✅ A fun thing to do will be to play online games together. Struggling side by side with evil forces or creating new worlds, you’ll become closer to each other.
  • ✅ Sing a duet at karaoke.
  • ✅ Throw away prejudice and practice sexting.

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